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  print n. any communication produced using printing, photocopying, or digital methods which multiple copies can be made automatically.   brochures n. contains pictures and information about a product or service. «more»
inserts n. a loose item in a magazine, carrying an ad or a promotion. «more»
mailshots n. promo material distributed via the postal system. «more»
newsletters n. a periodical sent to a society or group, via a mailing list. «more»
posters n. a picture used for decoration or act as a notice, or advert displayed in public. «more»
xmas cards n. a greetings card given or sent at Xmas. «more»
  flyers n. an sheet of paper promoting an event, or a product or a service.«more»
leaflets n. an item containing information or advertising. «more»
menu n. a list of what's available to order in a shop, takeaway or restaurant.«more»
packaging n. a wrapping used, protect or improve the appearance of goods.«more»
programmes n. a booklet giving details of items or performers at an event or show. «more»