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  portfolio n. case for keeping loose sheets of paper, drawings.   advertising n. a communication talking to potential customers «more»
awards n. prize or mark of recognition ... «more»
exhibition n. a public display of works of art or items of interest ... «more»
illustration n. a depiction (or explanation) of an idea in visual form ... «more»
presentation n. a speech or talk ... «more»
ux n. (user experience) designing a process where the user can achieve a task or goal as intended, ... «more»
  apps n. software, or a programs, used for mobile devices ... «more»
email n. messages distributed by electronic means ... «more»
identity n. the manner which a firm or business presents themselves ... «more»
merchandising n. branded items used to promote a company or product ... «more»
print n.
branded communication in the form of printed items ... «more»
web n. common name for the World Wide Web, ... «more»